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On This Date in 1991: Rickey Henderson Passes Lou Brock

25 years ago today, Rickey Henderson stole the 939th base of his career, passing Lou Brock for the all-time MLB record.

In his moment of triump, Hendseron famously hoisted third base into the air in celebration. It was an iconic moment and of course, he went on to finish his career with 1,406 career stolen bases, a record that still stands today.

To commemorate his achievement, Henderson hand wrote a story about passing Lou Brock as part of Steiner Sports' In Their Own Words™ series of signed photos. In it he writes:

It took a long time, huh? First of all, Rickey would like to thank God for giving me the opportunity. I want to thank the Haas family, the Oakland organization, the city of Oakland, and all you beautiful fans for supporting me. Most of all, I'd like to thank my mom, my friends, and loved ones for their support. I want to give my appreciation to Tom Trebelhorn and the late Bill Martin. Billy Martin was a great manager. He was a great friend to me. I love you, Billy. I wish you were here. Lou Brock was the symbol of great baes stealing. But today, I'm the greatest of all time. Thank you.

Rickey Hendseron
Man of Steal
1406 Stolen Bases

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