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You Won't Believe Why Adrian Beltre Got Ejected

Last night in Texas, during the eighth inning of the Texas Rangers and Miami Marlins game, Adrian Beltre was ejected before he even stepped up to the plate. In fact, he wasn't even on his way up to the plate yet. Rather, he was still taking his warm up hacks as he awaited on-deck. 

Umpire Gerry Davis decided to apply a rarely-enforced rule to the situation. Beltre was a couple steps away from the technical "on-deck circle," so Davis told Beltre to step into it. Beltre was more comfortable standing where he stood, so he took matters into his own hands. You might call this "thinking outside the circle," but Davis thought otherwise:

Adrian Beltre has proven his consistency throughout an impressive 20-year career, which includes 454 home runs so far. Due to his hilarious on-field antics which are well-documented, Mr. Beltre is always regarded as a "good guy" across the league.


He rarely ever has disciplinary issues. Before his ejection, Beltre was 3/3 on the night with a home run, moving him closer to the historic milestone of 3,000 career hits. He currently stands at 2,996. Who knows, maybe he would be at 2,997 if he had the chance to take his eighth inning at-bat? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
So, was the ejection of Adrian Beltre warranted?

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