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Dad Catches Home Run by Son with Bat from Surprise Video


One year ago - almost to the day - Devon Fowler told his son, Brahiem, that he had forgotten to get him a gift for his birthday as they returned to their van after a little league game. He was visibly upset. Then Mr. Fowler told Braheim to check the bag in the back of the van. He opened the box, and there was a brand new bat. 

Fast-forward to about a week ago. With that same bat, Braheim hit a home run in his little league game, and Mr. Fowler was at the game to witness it. But not only did Mr. Fowler get a good clear view of the home run, he was behind the outfield fence. He was positioned perfectly to track the ball down off of Braheim's swing, and make the catch on it!

That's right... Braheim hit a home run with the surprise gift/bat FROM his father, almost exactly a year later, and then to top it all off, Devon CAUGHT the home run.

Last year, Braheim broke down when he found the brand new bat inside. The father and son embraced, and the video became a viral sensation. After watching the original surprise video, who knew the sequel could be even better? If you don't remember, this was it:

You really can't make this up, and the odds of it even happening are ridiculous. These kinds of stories just give you chills! 

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