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Baseball Gender Reveal Fail

A gender reveal gone wrong.

It was an epic fail, regardless of whom the blame lies. If all things went as planned, the wife simply would have tossed the ball up and the husband would have taken a hack. Then, when he connected with the ball, it would explode with either pink or blue colored powder. A celebration would ensue.

For this couple, that's not how things turned out:

Who should take the blame for this epic fail? Some are on the husband's side saying that the wife's pitch was a bit inside. "Good eye and discipline at the plate."

Others say that the husband should have been hacking away at it... after all, it's not like it's a 3-0 pitch. "It makes no difference how good the toss was; it was the only pitch he was getting!"

Their story is not just "another 'normal' gender reveal." Instead of doing it the conventional way and actually hitting the ball, they shocked the world with this video. In turn, the Tait's earned internet stardom, at least for day.

On the bright side, at least this didn't happen:

Was it high-and-tight, or should he be swinging for the fences all the way?

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