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Carli Lloyd Signed Photo Giveaway

We're celebrating the one year anniversary of the United States Women's National Soccer Team winning the World Cup by giving you a chance to win a signed photo from Carli Lloyd with our friends at World Soccer Shop!

Carli Lloyd Signed Photo Giveaway

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Nancy Sanchez July 23, 2016 AT 11:15AM

She’s amazing!

Sophia Rogers July 23, 2016 AT 3:29AM

Carli Lloyd. I’m your biggest fan. I have watched you play since I could remember. I love the whole but mostly you and Hope Solo. I want to be like Hope Solo when I grow up but my friends want to be just like you.

Love you so much.

You did awesome in the game vs. Costa Rica. Hope you knee is much better.

Jovanna Hernandez July 22, 2016 AT 8:54PM

omg Carli Lloyd is literally my favorite my #1 woman’s soccer player she inspires me , she thought me that anything is possible with hard work and dedication! I honestly love her so much! And I would do anything to meet my idol

Lindsey Amiot July 22, 2016 AT 12:29PM

Carli Lloyd is amazing

Kiran Balan July 21, 2016 AT 9:00AM

American soccer legend!

Vanesa July 20, 2016 AT 10:43PM

Carli and the team have inspired me to fight so I can accomplish my dream to play soccer even if my parents don’t support me and carli and the team have been a good impact on my life also because Carly makes me see the person I want to be

Jacob Carlton July 19, 2016 AT 8:40PM

I am pretty sure. I’m her biggest fan, I’ve went to several games and always watch every USA game. ?⚽️

Fabiola July 14, 2016 AT 11:45PM

Im a big fan of the USWNT from Puerto Rico. She is such an amazing athlete, dedicated and inspirational.This summer she and the team will be competing for the gold and I will be like always in my home in PR with my shirt on and flag in the back watching the game of the team pf the best player ever in this world Carli

Marissa July 14, 2016 AT 10:34PM

Carli is a perfect example of how an athlete should be. Her work ethic, leadership, determination, professionalism and many more top qualities is inspiring. She is the best female soccer player in the world because she has fully earned that honor. Carli has shown us all what she puts in, is what she gets out and that there are no shortcuts to success. She is a true World Cup champion and a future Olympic gold medalist! Thank you for being an amazing role model!

Mary F Salazar July 14, 2016 AT 9:52PM

La mejor Jugadora del Mundo!⚽???

Cassandra Pearce July 14, 2016 AT 11:24AM

Carli has always been an inspiration to me, she’s been a big part of my soccer career and wanting, striving, and working to play in college. She is an amazing player! Can’t wait to watch more games and see her give it everything! Her skills are mind blowing and her feet work is always so incredible to watch! I can’t wait to see more from her.

Katie July 14, 2016 AT 10:37AM

She is such an amazing soccer player, so strong and VERY talented! She is one of my favorite players! She is so skilled! Carli Llyod is such an inspiration to me!I’m so excited for what’s in her future! ??

Erica salazar July 14, 2016 AT 3:24AM

Carli Lloyd it my inspiration to keep on going on life it would mean the world to me if I could win u have helped me in many way hopefully I get to meet u someday I love u and u an amazing player and ur such an inspiration to all of us girls and women I love u go team USA !!!!

Erica salazar July 14, 2016 AT 3:21AM

It would mean the world to me if I won because I am a big fan of u guys and it would mean a lot I have been passing threw a lot of problems in my family but wen we see u guys play we smile again so it would mean the world to me love u guys u are my inspiration to keep on going with life #usa !!!!

Jocelyn Ruiz July 13, 2016 AT 6:11PM

Carli Lloyd is an amazing player she very technicaled and skilled with that amazing hatrick she did on the FIFA women World Cup final she proved she an amazing player and she will have more to prove on Rio.

Naucalli Mendoza July 13, 2016 AT 5:09PM

Carli Lloyd, where do I even begin?! Carli is a very skilled a player, aggressive, and does not back down. A player who inspires me and never fails to impress me! I’m so excited to see her once again representing the U.S in the Olympics! I know with her on the field good things will happen. My family and I will be wearing a jersey with carli’s name and number in the back for sure! Can’t wait to watch the hat tricker play and kick some butt! Much love from SA Tx!

Cassie Syers July 13, 2016 AT 1:55PM

Your such an inspiration to all women that play sports and you fight for what you believe in like equal pay for women which I 100% agree with! And working through an injury and then coming back and making the Olympic team which is incredible your really making a difference in women’s sports and the world.

Jaylynn Montelongo July 12, 2016 AT 8:31PM

Wow,she is my idol,the reason I never give up and always try,I didn’t make the soccer team at school this year,but every time I see Carli play,she motivates me to be just as good as her,one day I will try my best to be just as good,or even better then her. ONE NATION ONE TEAM❤

Alison Schwab July 12, 2016 AT 7:08PM

Best of luck to the team at the Olympics!

Flor Delacruz July 12, 2016 AT 3:57PM

Carli Lloyd best in the World

loren July 12, 2016 AT 1:40AM

carli is my idol. ive been standing by the nationals team side since the olympics. i went to one of the victory tour games, and it was unbelievably the best night of my life. this photo would mean the world to me. Soccer has been my favorite sport since day 1. Carli has inspired me in so many ways and u dont think i wouldve been playing soccer anymore if it wasnt for the inspiration that carli has given me. Please take in consideratipn of me winning:)

Ana M July 11, 2016 AT 10:23PM

I love soccer❤️ And who’s not a huge fan of the women’s soccer nowadays? Specially when you’re raised in the US, so you obviously have to go for the USA women’s soccer team, that’s in a heart I can’t imagine winnings at picture autograph by Carli Lloyd on my birthday which is July 24 that would the best gift ever!❤️⚽️??

Kristina July 11, 2016 AT 9:51PM

Inspiration. Role model. Fighter. World Champion.

Yoseline Gomez July 11, 2016 AT 8:33PM


Sydney Henderson July 11, 2016 AT 8:13PM

You are proof that hard work, determination, and believing in yourself makes dreams come true.