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Wild Dancing Escapades Continue In Cubs Bullpen

The bullpen is known to be a lonely place. Relief pitchers usually just sit, waiting for something to go wrong (see photo above). Usually. The Chicago Cubs have been looking to change that. 

Last night, during a rain delay versus the Arizona Diamondbacks, they showcased exactly how their efforts are truly making a difference to promote change across the league:

The crazy dances that the Chicago Cubs have been doing all season have been well-documented. Whenever one of their teammates hits a home run, the bullpen often celebrates by letting out their excitement with some crazy dances.  

But it all began in Spring Training. February 28th to be exact. The Cubs gathered in a circle after practice one morning and the magic began. Pitcher Jason Grimm started things off... you can see him doing a Gangnam Style-type dance.

From there, the phenomenon of what became the Cubs emblematic dances only got bigger. 

On May 20th, they were supposed to play the Milwaukee Brewers in Chicago at Wrigley Field. Wind and rain came in at high speeds to delay - and eventually postpone - the game. The only action resulting between the two teams that day ended up coming from the bullpen (where else?).

As the rain came down, the Cubs and Brewers had a "Rain Delay Dance-off" while they waited for an official announcement on the game's status. Just the usual, you know...making the most of their free time:

At the beginning of June, slugger Kyle Schwarber hit a home run that REALLY amped them up. As a result they created this smorgasbord of moves on the spot to celebrate:

The Cubs may have won their first dance-off against the Brewers, but it seems that the Diamondbacks beat them last night when they came to town with that stellar performance.

Will other opposing teams follow the DBacks suit and come to their games against the Cubs with some surprises up their sleeves? We can only wait and see. Until then, the Cubs are hoping that these moves can help them dance into the playoffs.  

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