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Cubs Prospect Breaks Stadium Lighting With Homerun

On Monday, a Chicago Cubs prospect outfielder for the Advanced Class-A Myrtle Beach Pelicans summoned his inner-Roy Hobbs wile taking batting practice. 

Eloy Jimenez launched a pitch over the left field wall and shattered bulbs in the stadium lighting, which tower above the field. 

Roy Hobbs is the classic character in the legendary film "The Natural," starring Robert Redford. In one scene, Hobbs' ability to hit the baseball is highlighted when he hits a pitch into the overhead lights of the stadium, which ended up winning his team the pennant.

While Jiminez's shot was not as dramatic as winning the pennant in the fictional tale of Roy Hobbs in "The Natural," it still showcases his incredible power. When you see the lights shatter and flicker to their descent, you can't help but think of the movie.  

A few years ago, Aaron Mizell had a similar shot from the other side of the plate, hitting his into the right field lights.

Jimenez has a .293 batting average, with 34 homers in 254 minor league games since joining the Cubs organization in 2014. This rare feat certainly is impressive, and makes you wonder, "What's in store for this young player?"

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