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David Cone's Perfect Game Happened 17 Years Ago Today

17 years ago, David Cone became the 15th pitcher to throw a perfect game. Cone, along with Don Larsen and David Wells, sat down and told us about the entire experience.

It was Yogi Berra Day at Yankees Stadium. Coincidentally, Cone threw 88 pitches and Yogi's number was 8. "Do you believe in the baseball God's?" he asked.

Could you imagine standing on the mound with a perfect game on the line? "I could feel my hair growing - the adrenaline rush that you get, the tingling, it's an incredible rush of adrenaline, especially in the 9th inning," Cone said.

The fans were also a huge part of this experience. "Yankee fans are so knowledgeable about the game. They could feel it. The roar from the fans was incredible. The fans, to me, dictate the nature of the game."

Watch the full interview:

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