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Derek Jeter Sneaker Send-In Autograph Giveaway

SOLEXCHANGE is the leading sneaker community and website for enthusiasts to buy, sell, and trade their footwear and get up to date industry news. This summer, from August 27th - 28th, the team is hosting its National Sneaker Convention, the largest event of its kind, bringing together sneakers (where you can buy, sell & trade), music and art, pop culture and sports! 

To get ready for the big event this summer, Steiner Sports CEO Brandon Steiner is giving away an opportunity to send in an item to have Yankees legend Derek Jeter autograph. All you have to do is enter your info in the below widget, or click here, and tell him your favorite pair of sneakers!

Good luck!

Derek Jeter Sneaker Send-In Giveaway

Angie Toby November 25, 2016 AT 7:02PM


Ryan Valcarcel July 8, 2016 AT 4:30PM

I own 4 different styles of the Jordan Jeter branded shoe that have come out. I was also at his last Opening Day at Yankee Stadium along with final home game at the stadium and his final regular season game up at Fenway. I will also be inviting Mr. Jeter to my wedding in October. I would love to own a pair of game worn signed cleats from Mr. Jeter to go into my Jeter Shrine at my house.

James Lampone July 7, 2016 AT 1:19PM

I own the Jeter Jordan 1’s, Derek was a role model and hero to many Yankee fans. Growing up and watching him play I wanted to be just like him. So many people respected him on and off the field and he respected all the fans, his shoes even have respect on the inner tongue. I would love to get these shoes signed by one of my heroes and all time favorite Yankee.

Brandon Givens July 4, 2016 AT 7:35PM

The black and white look is so classic and clean looking. Could so see Jeter wearing these.

Terrell Creighton July 3, 2016 AT 9:51PM

Derek Jeter=G.O.A.T.

Mike Wernick July 1, 2016 AT 11:23AM

Love the Jeter Jordans!

Desi Mulingbayan July 1, 2016 AT 1:09AM

I’m loving my Jordan Trunner LX11s

Cale Madkour June 30, 2016 AT 11:59PM

My favorite pair are. Nike’s KD trey 5 III

Robin O'Dell June 30, 2016 AT 10:34PM

My favorite pair would be the Air Jordan Retro 1 Jeter’s so I could add to my Jeter collection!

Joel Monacelli June 30, 2016 AT 8:56PM

My favorite pair of sneakers are the Jordan 13, the he got game ones in Carolina blue

Clyde Taylor June 30, 2016 AT 8:53PM

New Balance sneaks because they are comfortable with my diabetic nerve damage and the knee replacements from uncle Sam USA.

Elizabeth Zumpano June 30, 2016 AT 8:46PM

Nike sneakers are my favorite

Suzanne June 30, 2016 AT 8:18PM


Joseph Wolf June 30, 2016 AT 8:11PM

I love the Yankees and “The Captain”. What a great role model both on and off the field. I do not have Jeters autograph or a pair of his cleats. I like the black cleats with white towards the bottom. I like the cleats he wore during his early championship years. Any piece of equipment autographed by one of the greatest Yankees in history would be amazing to own!

Mahesh Sookra June 30, 2016 AT 7:30PM

Ahhhh would be awesome to have an item signed by a legend.

My favorite sneakers is the air Jordan Jeters !

Carrie Rhoades June 30, 2016 AT 7:23PM

I love any sneaker!!!

Robert Rumpf June 30, 2016 AT 6:56PM

It has to be the Jordan Jeter Captain.? Yankees aren’t the same without you DJ. Hoping you’re enjoying retirement.⛳️?

Joe Ferreri June 30, 2016 AT 6:54PM

Jordan IV’s

Edward June 30, 2016 AT 6:39PM

We miss you DJ…My favorite sneakers are the Air Jordan 1 Retro 1 Jeter..

Angel Feliciano June 30, 2016 AT 6:09PM

I’ve had the privilege to shake hands with Jete back in the day but never had the courage to ask for a photo op with him and will always regret that. But my favorite are the Jordan 1’s Derek Jeter sneakers.

Louis Cafasso June 30, 2016 AT 5:50PM

Thank you.

Scott Crook June 30, 2016 AT 5:43PM

My favorite sneakers are the Air Jordan’s. Jumpman. Low top. Black. Sleek, sharp, and comfortable!

Donald Topar June 30, 2016 AT 5:34PM

I’d have to say my favorite pair of sneakers were a pair of Nike Uptempo III’s giving to me by my best friend. He always had the nice pairs of shoes and I couldn’t afford them nor could my parents. The uptempo IIIs were a little worn down and bubbles were popped but I finally felt like the cool kids. We’re about about 12-13years old and He’s still my best friend until this day!

Domingo Rodriguez June 30, 2016 AT 5:16PM

Favorite sneaker? Any sneaker that keeps my foot comfortable is good. Thanks for the chance to win!

William adorno June 30, 2016 AT 4:39PM

Jordan’s 1s the Derek jeters all day. Just got my newborn son a pair off eBay as well