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Don Larsen Reacts To His Old-Timer's Day Ovation

Last night we hosted legendary New York Yankees pitcher Don Larsen for a Q&A forum with Brandon Steiner at our offices. Mr. Larsen's answers were often quick-witted and humorous. 

When we opened the floor to audience questions, one in particular spurred an emotional reflection from the 87-year-old. 

The fan started by telling Mr. Larsen that he had attended many Old-Timer's Day games at Yankee Stadium before, and that he was also at last weekend's festivities. He continued by detailing Mr. Larsen's standing-ovation this year, and asked him what it was like to be celebrated in such a resounding manner.

This was Mr. Larsen's response. 

The audience was thoroughly engaged, and each answer he provided allowed for a deeper look into his personal life, even beyond his momentous perfect game in the 1956 World Series.

Mr. Larsen and Mr. Steiner are sure to provide you with a multitude of laughs as they reminisce throughout the interview. The complete video can be seen here:

You know it's going to be good when this is how it starts:

Brandon Steiner: "Take your time Don."
Don Larsen: "I will." 


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