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Home Run Derby Recap & All-Star Game Preview

Last night's Home Run Derby was intense and exciting and tonight is the main event: the 2017 Major League Baseball All Star Game.

Home Run Derby 2017

The eight sluggers who earned spots in the Home Run Derby provided a show for everyone on Monday night. Did you happen to see the bats that Gary Sanchez and Aaron Judge used? 

In the first round:

Miguel Sano eliminated Mike Moustakas 11-10.

Cody Bellinger defeated Charlie Blackmon 15-14.

Gary Sanchez quieted Logan Morrison's criticisms by taking down the reigning Home Run Derby Champion - the Hometown Hero - Giancarlo Stanton, 17-16. With time winding down, Stanton earned the bonus round but was unable to tie to force an "overtime" round. 

Justin Bour caught the attention of everyone by cracking 22 home runs in the first round. However, Aaron Judge (who seemed to be the only person who wasn't worried) then stepped up to face the adversity. He demolished 23 home runs in his most impressive round of the night to eliminate Bour.  One of Judge's dramatic final home runs traveled an astonishing 501-feet... but he was just getting started. 

In the Second Round:

Gary Sanchez looked a bit fatigued with his swings, after all, taking down Stanton must have drained his energy! But he still managed to hit a respectable 11 homers. Miguel Sano was able to hit 12 which was enough to bow El Gary out for the night.  

The two rookie sluggers, Judge and Bellinger, then faced off. Cody took 12 pitches deep, but Judge cruised with 13 home runs for the win to get into the Championship round. He hit the farthest home run of the night in this round. The ball traveled over 513-feet. Oh, and by the way, that was right after he hit one 504-feet:

Home Run Derby Final Round

Miguel Sano got off to a slow start and hit only 10 out. Judge was able to take his time and he hit 11 home runs for the Home Run Derby crown. 

Celebrity Softball Game

Even the Celebrity Softball Game was entertaining.  Despite being a fast-paced game, the celebs really racked up the score. The NL team defeated the AL team 28-22 in a slugfest. 

Ricky Henderson, Bernie Williams, Livan Hernandez, Tim Raines, Andre Dawson and several other notable former big-leaguers showed that they still had power when they stepped up to the plate. Each of them hit impressive home runs.

All-Star Game 2017

The American League and National League teams both feature the brightest stars of the game. The game is slated to start at 8pm EST tonight.  Who do you think will be victorious this year? 

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