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Justin Timberlake Holds Baby to Recreate Iconic Lion King Scene

When Stephen Curry, Tony Romo, and Justin Timberlake gather for a Celebrity Golf Tournament you know the event will be filled with hilarious moments stemming from the trio's bromance. The American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament this weekend was no different.

The highlight of the weekend occurred when the threesome were heading over to the eighth hole's tee box during play. Michael Hood was one of the fans in attendance. Hood jokingly shouted to Romo as he walked by and the crowd acknowledged the humor, laughing at his humorous attempt.

Timberlake walked through moments later, and Hood was able to get his attention. JT placed his bag down near the tee box, then headed back over to where Hood was standing behind the ropes. Then, this special moment took place:

The entire crowd of spectators then immediately united in a chorus, singing the easily-identifiable opening line from "Circle of Life" from The Lion King. EPIC!

Can you even imagine Justin Timberlake lifting up your baby as a crowd of people sing that iconic - and insanely epic - song?

Besides lifting babies up, Timberlake, Romo, and Curry were up to some other shenanigans throughout the weekend on the course. At one point, JT hiked a basketball in a football-style motion to retired Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo. Romo stepped back into the pocket and then threw a bullet downfield to Steph Curry. Curry then collected the ball in-air and slammed it through a hoop that was propped-up on the course. Talk about a star-studded alley-oop! 


It didn't end there, however. Stephen Curry beat his dad, Dell Curry, a couple of times on the course. Steph took a football route downfield, and cooked Dell, who was playing "defense." Steph then made the "diving" catch to complete the reception from Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.

Then, in a friendly bet on their golfing results in the tournament.  With his loss on the bet, Dell Curry had to take a plunge into Lake Tahoe:

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