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Little Leaguer Takes Announcers' Cue, Hits Mammoth HR

During ESPN's coverage of the Southeast Regional Tournament in the Little League World Series, the announcers were discussing a young player's power and ability to crush baseballs. That young player was Jayce Blalock. Jayce is a 13-year-old from Grantville, Ga - a number of episodes of the hit series The Walking Dead were shot in his hometown. 

He came to the plate with the bases loaded and just one out. The announcers then alluded to how his coaches were adamant that he could hit a baseball into the trees way beyond left field. While they mentioned it, they were a bit skeptical, and you could hear it in their voices.

"Now if he hits it that far, that would be amazing..."

Just as soon as the commentator was able to get these words out, Jayce did just that... He clubbed a 1-1 pitch at least 370 feet into the trees.

The fact that it was a grand slam may have been overshadowed by how far he hit it. Watch out, Aaron Judge... if they had StatCast in the LLWS, Jayce would be breaking StatCast on his own!

As the LLWS continues, it will be interesting to see how many more tape-measure shots Jayce will wallop. 

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