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Mayweather and McGregor: Looking Ahead

It was announced yesterday that the fight slated between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather had been officially scheduled. This excited the media across the country, and spurred everyone's attention to August 26 -- the date of the match. After months of planning and negotiations, it is now a reality, and the two will faceoff at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

 As a result, similar to any rivalry in sports, people are taking their sides and making predictions. McGregor comes in as the obvious underdog, since the contest will be under the official rules of boxing. He comes from the UFC style, so to ensure that boxing regulations are adhered to, kicking, elbowing, or any other take-down moves during the match are not allowed. This takes a lot of techniques out of McGregor's arsenal... techniques he frequently relies on to finish his opponents.


Mayweather, on the other hand is 49-0, one victory shy of the "hallowed mark" of 50-0. As a part of the excitement leading up to August 26th, Mayweather has already submitted five various trademark applications for the use of the term "50-0." This is a little bit of trash-talk, and a little bit of intimidation factor.  It is also a very smart move by the notorious business man. His boxing career has been, literally, nothing but success. Most people believe he will come out with a win in August, too. 


It is estimated that $100 million dollars is the payout for the boxers. 

McGregor's tenacity or Mayweather's technique... Who do you think wins on August 26th?


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