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On This Day: Hank Aaron Hits 755th Career Home Run (1976)

On this day in 1976, Hank Aaron hit his 755th and last ever home run, ending an iconic career. He sat down with our CEO, Brandon Steiner, and talked favorite moments, minorities in baseball today, happiness, and none other than the great Derek Jeter.

Aaron tells how his all-time favorite moment was hitting a home run off of Billy Muffett to win the pennant:


Aaron prides himself on still being connected to baseball. Bud Selig asked Aaron to help figure out why the level of minorities playing baseball is so low:


He also confronts the angry image of himself, saying "an angry person is a defeated person."


Aaron is impressed with the man and player Derek Jeter became and tells us he "is the type of person I could start a team with."


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