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The Flip Happened On This Day in 2001

Derek Jeter came out of no where. And with a New York Yankees team on the brink of elimination after it had just won four World Series championships in five years, he needed to.

You couldn't even see him on the television screen. And for anyone in the ballpark, certainly you weren't thinking of what the shortstop was doing on a potentially game-tying run barreling down the third base line as a throw from right field started bouncing towards home plate.

But then, it happened. Jeter runs in front of the pitchers' mound and nabs Shane Spencer's throw from the right field corner that one-hopped into the infield and he backhands it over to Jorge Posada. 

What surely would have been a challenge play to replay in today's game, Posada can be seen just barely grazing the right leg of Jeremy Giambi before he touches home plate. 

"The Flip" as it came to be known has become one of the most iconic plays of Derek Jeter's career. While the Yankees didn't win it all that year, the play still resonates with fans as a quintessential showing of Jeter's poise and hustle on the field.

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