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Steve Smith Sr. Could Not Resist One Last Bit of Trash Talk

Steve Smith Sr. decided to come back and play this year after a devastating injury ended what was supposed to be his final year back in 2015. 

The 5x Pro Bowler finishes his career after 16 years with the Carolina Panthers and Baltimore Ravens amassing 1,031 receptions (12th all-time) and 14,731 receiving yards (7th all-time).

In addition to being a great receiver that will likely one day find his way to Canton, Smith is notorious for trash-talking defensive backs all over the NFL. In a retirement letter to Commissioner Roger Goodell, Smith took a hilarious parting shot at his counterparts: 

It reads:

Dear Commissioner Goodell,

This is to notify you that as of today I, Steve Smith Sr., will no longer be antagonizing defensive backs. I am retiring from the National Football League.


Steve Smith Sr.

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