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Collecting Giveaways Funny Videos

Derek Jeter Autographed Photo Giveaway

We have teamed up with the Turn 2 Foundation to giveaway a photo autographed by New York Yankees baseball legend Derek Jeter!

Snowmageddon 2017: Signed Baseball Deals

There is a massive snowstorm hitting the Northeast. We know you guys would like to be outside throwing around baseballs rather than snowballs. So we have four great deals on these signed baseballs during this massive snowstorm.

Watch "The Winning Gameplan" Q&A with Derek Jeter

The Captain joined us for a special Q&A.

Derek Jeter Autographed Baseball Giveaway

Celebrating Derek Jeter's entrance to Monument Park with an autograph giveaway!

15 Years Ago Tonight, Derek Jeter Became Mr. November

15 years ago tonight, just past midnight on Halloween, Derek Jeter  

On This Day: "The Flip" from Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter changed a series when he came out of no where to make an iconic play at the plate in 2001.

On This Day: Hank Aaron Hits 755th Career Home Run (1976)

Hank Aaron sat down with CEO Brandon Steiner to talk favorite moments, minorities in baseball today, happiness, and none other than the great Derek Jeter.

DJ3K was 5 Years Ago Today

Another career-defining moment for the future Hall of Famer Derek Jeter.

Derek Jeter's Iconic "Dive" is 12 Years Old

On July 1, 2004, Derek Jeter flew into the stands at Yankee Stadium after catching a fly ball to save two runs against the Boston Red Sox.