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The 5 Worst Ceremonial First Pitches Ever

What's better than the worst first pitch?

Braves fan has to get a tattoo of Ronald Acuña's face after Grand Slam!

Will Caitlin follow through with her Twitter promise?

22-Month-Old Hitting Prodigy Beats A-Rod in Hitting Contest on The Tonight Show

Of course, A-Rod had to bat left-handed, but Asher easily took home a victory.

Sports Illustrated Writer Predicted the Astros Would Win World Series...3 Years Ago

Ben Reiter of Sports Illustrated wrote a 2014 cover story featuring George Springer, which had the headline, "Your 2017 World Series Champs."

The Yankees Throw Major Shade at the Indians with LeBron Tweet

The good folks that run the Yankees Twitter account wasted no time reminding the Indians of LeBron's love for the interlocked N-Y ahead of their ALDS matchup tonight.

Yankees Fake Press Conference Celebrations Go to the Next Level

The Yankees are playing loose, and coming off of last night's Wild Card win, their new young core of talent looks poised to make a run deep into October.

Addison Russell Dives Into Crowd, Spill Fan's Nachos, Gets New Ones

The Cardinals fan did not look happy at first, but then he got a selfie with the Cubs shortstop.

Don La Greca Goes on Epic Rant About the Giants Offensive Line

La Greca has made a habit of going on a few epic rants lately.

Wild Dancing Escapades Continue In Cubs Bullpen

The Cubs may have met their match in their epic bullpen dancing, but we hope the craziness never stops.

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