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The Bracket Is HERE!

Who do you think has the greatest signature of all-time?

It's March, and we certainly wouldn't be doing our part if we didn't have a tournament to celebrate the conclusion of the NCAA season.

All throughout the next two weeks, we are going to be debating the greatest signatures across sports history. We asked YOU to help us narrow down the diverse pack of signatures for the 8th seed in each of our 4 regions, and you did!

Here is our official #SignatureShowdown bracket:

We have four regions in this bracket: the Modern Era Greats, Baseball Legends, Vintage Football & Basketball Greats, and Miscellaneous Sports Legends.

Modern Era Greats (in order of seed #) - Mariano Rivera, Brett Favre, Jerome Bettis, Cal Ripken Jr., Ken Griffey Jr., Curtis Martin, Eli Manning, David Wright

Baseball Legends - Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Sandy Koufax, Jackie Robinson, Harmon Killebrew, Tony Gwynn, Goose Gossage

Vintage Football & Basketball Greats - Joe Namath, Julius Erving, Gale Sayers, Walt Frazier, Wilt Chamberlain, Terry Bradshaw, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird

Miscellaneous Sports Legends - Tiger Woods, Richard Petty, Arnold Palmer, Pele, Muhammad Ali, Jack Nicklaus, Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Hull

All week long, we will be breaking down this bracket one matchup at a time across our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram story.

Keep in mind: this bracket is all about the signature, not the athlete. You will be able to cast your votes until we are able to eventually crown one of our 32 picks with the "greatest signature of all-time moniker".

*GIVEAWAY: Brandon Steiner is getting in on the fun as well. Fill out the bracket and post a photo of it tagging @steinersports with #SignatureShowdown on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn to be entered to win one of 4 $250 Steiner Sports gift cards!*

Print a copy of the bracket here!

Tell us who you think has the greatest signature! Who did we leave out?

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