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The Game of the Year Took Place Last Night in the NBA

Last night the slumping Cleveland Cavaliers visited the white hot Washington Wizards in what would turn out to be the best regular season NBA game of this year, and possibly ever.

Leading up to the game there was plenty of hype. The Washington Wizards have been the surprise team of the NBA and look like they could be legitimate competition for the Cavaliers in the East. Wizards PG John Wall said earlier in the week this was the biggest regular season game of his career. 

The Cavaliers have not been so hot as of late. Everyday their seems to be some new commentary coming out of that locker room. Leading up to this game however all the talk was about how the Cavaliers need a "playmaker" according to Lebron James, and just before the game started, the rumor started circulating that Lebron was pushing for a Carmelo Anthony- Kevin Love trade. We would later find out that rumor was "trash." 

This game definitely lived up to the hype. Both teams superstars were playing well. The lead changed a countless number of times, especially late in the game. Then one of the wildest finishes took place. Lebron James missed a wide open layup (after taking quite a few steps to get there,) but then redeemed himself with one of the greatest shots of his career.



 The cavaliers ended up winning 140-135 in overtime. And if all of this wasn't enough, we may have an early candidate for meme of the year.






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