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Three Technical Fouls Called in the Last 1.9 Seconds of this Tied High School Basketball Game

Before the last ticks could go off the clock this high school basketball spiraled out of control.

In a divisional semifinal game Tuesday in California, St. Augustine High School was playing Foothills Christian High School. After a missed free throw a Foothills Christian player grabs the rebound and throws up a full court desperation shot that misses wide. At this point it seems that the game is headed to overtime tied at 69-69, but this is just where the chaos begins.

Before his teammate got off the shot another Foothills player called a timeout, the only problem was they were out of them. This resulted in a technical foul. Absolutely furious with the call the Foothills coach rushed the court and was eventually awarded not one but two T's himself. This handed St. Augustine six free throws, the ball, and essentially the W.

Somewhere  Demarcus Cousins is smiling.

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