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Titans OL Taylor Lewan Cheers Up Crying Fan After Loss

When you are a kid in love with your team, nothing is better than a big win and nothing can seem more devastating than a big loss.

The Tennessee Titans lost on Sunday to the San Diego Chargers 43-35. As players were exiting the field, Titans offensive tackle Taylor Lewan saw a young boy with a Titans jersey on crying. He ran over to the standds and started talking with the boy.

You can't hear the words he is saying in the video, but after a 30-second pep talk Lewan took off his Titans bucket hat and handed it to the boy, leaving him smiling. 

We're always saying at Steiner Sports that sports have the power to transform lives. This is a perfect example of that. Bravo, Taylor.

H/T: For the Win/USA Today

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