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Predictions: NBA Draft Top 10 Picks

The 2016 NBA Draft will take place tonight in Brooklyn, New York. There’s always a great deal of debate over who will be picked and when, so we decided to give our take:

1.       Ben Simmons

This 6’ 10” Power Forward from LSU has the drive and talent necessary to excel in the NBA. Sources have confirmed the Philadelphia 76ers will select him as the Number 1 pick. He’s quick, agile, and fluid. He is a transcendent talent and has the potential to be one of the best 15 players in the league. Simmons averages 19.2 ppg, 11.9 rpg, ad 4.8 apg.


2.       Brandon Ingram

Ingram is the 6’ 10” Small Forward for Duke who is efficient and is a stand out shooter. League sources have confirmed the Los Angeles Lakers plan to pick Ingram as the Number 2 pick. He has the potential to be a franchise player. His wingspan is one of his greatest strengths, allowing him to finish at the rim. Ingram averages 17.1 ppg, 6.8 rpg, and 1.9 apg.


3.       Buddy Hield

This 6’ 5” Shoot Guard from Oklahoma has taken his game to the next level during his senior year of college. His work ethic has led him to become one of the elite players in this season of college basketball. He has quick hands and showcases NBA range. Hield averages 25.4 ppg, 5.6 rpg, and 2.1 apg.


4.       Dragan Bender

Power Forward from Croatia who is 7 feet tall. He has been playing professionally since the age of 14 in the U-16 European Championship. He is a versatile player who has the ability to become a starting four. Bender averaged 15 ppg, 12 rpg, and 4 apg in the Eurocup and Euroleague.


5.       Jamal Murray

Murray is the 6’ 5” Point Guard from Kentucky who gives clutch plays and leadership. The combination of his shooting ability and athleticism makes it challenging for defenders to guard him. Murray averages 20 ppg, 5.2 rpg, and 2.2 apg.


6.       Kris Dunn

This 6” 4’ Point Guard from Providence has excellent versatility and potential. Throughout the majority of his junior year, he led the NCAA in assists. He underwent shoulder surgery in December of 2013, but it has not been a problem for over a year. Dunn averages 16.4 ppg, 5.3 rpg, and 6.2 apg.


7.       Jaylen Brown

Small Forward for California who is 6’ 7”. He is a prospect who is tough, smart, and athletic. Overall, he has all the physical abilities a team could want. Brown averages 14.6 ppg, 5.4 rpg, and 2 apg.


8.       Domantas Sabonis

Sabonis is the 6’ 10” Power Forward for Gonzaga. He is a passionate player with high energy. He is a natural leader who has great vision. Sabonis averages 17.6 ppg, 11.8 rpg, and 1.8 apg.


9.       Jakob Poeltl

This 7' 1" Center from Utah is well liked by several scouts. His ability to play both ends of the floor makes him a standout player. He knows how to use his large, agile, and strong body to get good angles and finish with both bands. Poeltl averages 17.2 ppg, 9.1 rpg, and 1.9 apg. 


10.       Marquese Chriss

Power Forward for Washington who is 6’ 10”. He is an explosive frontcourt player and is one of the draft’s biggest boom or bust picks. The recipe of his length, athletic ability, and shooting skills make him a great choice. Chriss averages 13.7 ppg, 5.4 rpg, and .8 apg.

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