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Top 5 Reasons We're Happy Football Is Back

The waiting game is over. Football season is finally here and with that we bring you the top 5 reasons we're happy football is back:

5. Sunday Funday

When football season returns, you have a set plan every single Sunday: watching football. Whether it's hanging out in your living room on the couch stuffing your face with pizza, wings, and beer, or tailgating before the game, Sunday's are now a reason to celebrate. 

4. Rivalries

No matter what team you support, there is always a rivalry team. And there's really nothing better than watching your rivalry team go down. 



3. Touchdown Celebrations

The best part about scoring a touchdown is the celebration dance that comes after it. Think about all the new memes and GIFs that will be made!

2. Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football is almost as important as the actual football games. Even if your team is awful, you will watch every single game your players are in. However, if your team is winning, it is gives yet another reason to celebrate.

1. Super Bowl LI

This is pretty self-explanatory. It is the most watched America television broadcast of the year and is basically a national holiday.



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