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Top 9 Worst Logos In Sports History

The Los Angeles Chargers revealed their new team logo today on social media. Since it was shared the team has seen a ton of social media backlash to the new design and many people have been having some fun on the team's behalf.

This inspired us to put together what we think are some of the worst team logos in sports history.  

9. Phoenix Coyotes, NHL, '96-'99

 8. Denver Broncos, NFL, '62-'69

 7. Quebec Nordiques, NHL, '86-'95




 6. Detroit Tigers, MLB, '27-'28

 5. Cleveland Browns, NFL, '59-'69

 4. Dallas Chaparrals, ABA, '67-'73




 3. Fort Wayne Pistons, NBL, '49-'57

 2. Kentucky Colonels, ABA, '68-'70



 1. California Golden Seals, NHL, '71-'74

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