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Top 10 Greatest Super Bowls

This weekend we will all stare at our television screens for hours, on what is essentially a national holiday, Super Bowl Sunday. This Sunday will mark the 52nd official Super Bowl.

The first Super Bowl was played back on January 15, 1967. Then it was still known as the "AFL-NFL World Championship." The Packers won comfortably 35-10.

This Sunday the New England Patriots will look to join the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers as the only teams with 5 Super Bowl wins. They will then only trail the Pittsburgh Steelers who lead all franchises with 6. The Atlanta Falcons hope to win their first ever Super Bowl in Franchise history after only making one appearance in Super Bowl XXXIII.

To get you pumped up for the game, we compiled a list of what we think are the ten greatest Super Bowls ever. 

10. Super Bowl XXV: Bills vs. Giants

9. Super Bowl XXXVI: Rams vs. Patriots

8. Super Bowl XIII: Steelers vs. Cowboys

7. Super Bowl XXXII: Packers vs. Broncos

6. Super Bowl XLII: Patriots vs. Giants

 5. Super Bowl III: Jets vs. Colts

4. Super Bowl XLIII: Cardinals vs. Steelers

 3. Super Bowl XXIII: Bengals vs. 49ers

 2. Super Bowl XLIX: Patriots vs. Seahawks

 1. Super Bowl XXXIV: Rams vs. Titans


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