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Top Ten NCAA Tournament Game Winning Buzzer Beaters of All Time

March is a great time of year. The NCAA tournament every year gives us some great games and amazing finishes in what could otherwise be considered kind of a down time in the rest of the sports world.

With great games comes some great game winning shots. Just a couple days ago Luke Maye landed himself in the history books with his game winner over Kentucky to send UNC to the final four. Today is the 25 year anniversary of Christian Laettner's historic game winner over Kentucky as well. 

With all of this excitement of game winners running around my mind, I thought I would deliver my top ten game winning buzzer beaters from the NCAA tournament ever. 

10. Florida vs. Wisconsin: Chris Chiozza (2017)

9. Uconn vs. Washington: Richard Hamilton (1998)

8. Arkansas vs. Louisville: U.S. Reed (1981)

7. Uconn vs. Clemson: Tate George (1990)

6. Valparaiso vs. Ole Miss: Bryce Drew (1998)

5. UCLA vs. Missouri: Tyus Edney (1995)

4. North Carolina vs. Kentucky: Luke Maye (2017)

3. Duke vs. Kentucky: Christian Laettner (1992)

2. Villanova vs. North Carolina: Kris Jenkins (2016)

1. North Carolina State vs. Houston: Lorenzo Charles (1983)


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