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Usain Bolt's Most Memorable Moments

This past weekend, Usain Bolt participated in the final race of his illustrious track career. The 6'5" speed demon ran his final 100m in the World Championships, which were held in London, and he finished with a time of 9.95 seconds. Justin Gatlin and Christian Colemand from Team USA finished first and second, respectively, just ahead of Bolt with times of 9.92 and 9.94. 

In honor of his historic ten-year track career, we have compiled a list of his most memorable moments to look back on.

The Beijing Olympics: 2008

The 2008 Beijing Olympics proved to be the breakout of Bolt's superstardom. Just prior to these Olympic Games, he turned some heads in New York City when he defeated Tyson Gay in the 100m with a time of 9.74 seconds in May. After finishing second, Gay said, "It looked like his knees were going past my face." 

When the Olympics came a couple of months later, Bolt got the world's attention when he broke the 9.7 second threshold which many saw as untouchable. He took first with a 9.69 time.

What was even more incredible about that time is he even slowed down at the end to take in the sweet feeling of victory:

As you can see above, while Bolt was effortlessly cruising to the line, his rivals were still grinding to even compete. Many say his time would have been around 9.55 had he not slowed up. After the win, his iconic celebration was born: 

He then had an equally impressive 200m, and became the first sprinter to break both records at the same Olympics.

The 2008 Olympics is where the star was born. 

Berlin World Championships 2009 

Bolt improved his world record to 9.58 seconds, en route to winning his first World Championship gold medal. He erased over a tenth of a second from his previous best mark in Beijing.

2012 London Olympics

Bolt became the first man in history to defend both the 100 m and 200 m Olympic sprint titles, and broke the 100m record yet again. 

The "Segway Incident"

In 2015, Bolt was taken down by a runaway segway, after he won the 200m in the IAAF World Championships. A series of events unfolded that could have resulted in an outcome much worse. He was taking his victory lap, walking around and celebrating with fans, when all of a sudden:

Rio Olympics 2016

Rio 2016 was the final Olympic games he participated in, and he again made history. He became the only athlete to win three (consecutive) Gold medals in the 100m.

Beyond all of his personal accolades, one thing is certain: Usain Bolt has remained a positive influence on the sports world. It seems he always has a smile on his face.

His clean "track record" indicates no use of performance enhancing drugs - during a period of time in which they have been rampant.  Hopefully this motivates the new generation of athletes that come after him to compete fairly, too. 



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