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Utah Jazz Will Wear a Patch to Help Raise Money for Cancer Research Next Season.

Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz have signed a three year agreement with the Utah based company "Qualtrics" to sponsor their uniform patch. For the first year however, the Qualtrics logo will not be the logo displayed. The Jazz and Qualtrics have agreed to display a "5 for the fight" logo instead. 

5 For The Fight is a charitable organization that has a goal of eliminating cancer through $5 donations. 

“This is the right thing to do, as much as I would love to put Qualtrics on it, this idea of raising $50 million for cancer research was something we couldn’t stop thinking about it. The Jazz were open to our ideas and how we wanted to use the patch.” - Ryan Smith, Qualtrics CEO

“If you think about the symmetry … 5 For the Fight and five players on the court working together as a team and then you think about our fans who feel pride when they buy that jersey, now they can feel pride about the cause that that team is affiliated with and something we can all rally behind, we think it’s really special and an opportunity to use the Jazz as a platform to do good. Credit to Qualtrics for thinking creatively and altruistically.” -Steve Starks, Jazz President

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