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Yankees Coach Takes a Tumble, Gets Roasted By The Team

The Crime Scene:

Location: Rogers Centre, in Toronto.

Time of Incident: Approximately 10:07pm (EST)

Victim: Joe Espada, New York Yankees 3rd Base Coach

Assailant: Toronto Blue Jays turf field

Description of Event Details: The batter was Ronald Torreyes. He singled on the first pitch of his at bat in the 8th inning to centerfield during the New York Yankees/Toronto Blue Jays. There were runners on second and third. The runner on third, Todd Frazier, scored easily. The runner on second, Garrett Cooper, was in the process of being waved home by victim, Espada - the Yankees 3rd Base Coach. While Coach Espada was waving Cooper home, the Toronto Blue Jays turf field (the assailant) decided to trip him, causing a turned ankle. 

As the Yankees took the field for for batting practice today, they greeted him with a "body outline" down third base, right where he had fallen.

The Jays gave Espada the old "chalk outline routine." Here's a closer look: 

It reminded us of a similar event a few years ago. In 2012, Mariano Rivera was shagging fly balls in the outfield at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City as the Yankees prepped for their game against the Royals. On Jayson Nix's last swing during his round of BP, Rivera backed to the warning track to try and make the play. He fell and ultimately tore his ACL, which meant the end of the season for him.  The next year when the Yankees returned to Kansas City for the first time since the injury, they had a chalk outline greeting Mariano, right where he went down on that fateful day in 2012.

Rivera was a good sport about it, and they Royals dubbed it the "No Mo Zone." 

In closing, your honor, please recognize the actions of the turf as malicious, and bring justice for Coach Espada.   

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