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Yankees Fake Press Conference Celebrations Go to the Next Level

The "Toe-Night" Show as it has come to be known is what New York Yankees players have been doing to celebrate home runs since the end of the season and now into postseason baseball.

At first, it started with utility man Ronald Torreyes holding up a stack of Gatorade cups as a "camera" in the dugout while other players, hold up plastic bottles as "microphones."

While we can't hear the questions or answers on regular television broadcasts, we are sure these interviews contain truly groundbreaking insight into the Yankees success.

Since it's October, of course, the players have stepped up their game. 

First, Torreyes got a camera upgrade.

Then, real microphones with a "Toe-Night" Show-branded mic flag came into the mix.

The Yankees are playing loose, and coming off of last night's Wild Card win, their new young core of talent looks poised to make a run deep into October.



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