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Autographed Star Wars Memorabilia


Items per page: 24 / 48 / 96

Items per page: 24 / 48 / 96

May 25th, 1977 is day that would permanently change the landscape of movies. That is the day George Lucas’s space opera Star Wars was released.


Set in a “galaxy far far away”, Star Wars was the original space opera. The movie instantly captured the hearts and minds of millions. The original trilogy Episodes IV, V, and VI was released over 6 years from 1977 to 1983. It included “Star Wars”, “The Empire Strikes Back”, and “Return of the Jedi”.


After a 16-year absence, Lucas Films released a prequel trilogy to the original. The new films were titled Episode I “The Phantom menace”, Episode II “Attack of the Clones”, and Episode III “Revenge of the Sith”. While seeing huge box office success the new films received mixed but overall positive reviews.


Star Wars Collectibles

After being acquired by Disney, we have seen the release of Episode VII “The Force Awakens”, with Episode VIII “The Last Jedi” on the horizon.


Steiner Sports has put together a collection of autographed Star Wars memorabilia that spans the over 40 year history of the Star Wars Universe. You will find all sorts of collectibles from signed movie posters to autographed toys. Complete your Star Wars collection today.