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How It Works

Steiner Sports is proud to have relationships with thousands of athletes spanning every major sport. Steiner Sports bridges the gap between you, the fan and your favorite athletes.

Do you want your ticket autographed by Derek Jeter? No problem. How about a personalized "Happy Birthday" photograph from Eli Manning? Steiner Sports makes it possible.

Here's how:

Private Signings: Private signings take place at the Steiner Sports corporate headquarters in New Rochelle, NY or an authorized third-party site. These signings are closed to the public, but customers may send in personal items, such as equipment and photos, to be autographed by their favorite athlete. They may also pre-order personalized and other memorabilia, including limited edition and one-of-a-kind items to be signed.

Public Signings: "Live" or public signings take place at our Steiner Sports Store in Garden City, NY, corporate office in New Rochelle, NY or at a third party location. These are rare opportunities to meet and greet your favorite athlete and obtain an autograph. Customers may bring their own memorabilia to be signed or purchase various photos, equipment and other items at the signing to be autographed right in front of you!

Steiner Sports updates its list of private and public signings daily. Click on the Upcoming Signings page for a current schedule. Click here to learn about how the send-ins process works.