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ON THIS DAY 10-25-1986

31 years ago, October 25, 1986, at Shea Stadium the moment of all "remember where you were?" moments for a Mets fan happened. Whether you listened to the iconic voice of Vin Scully on the NBC broadcast...

"so the winning run is at second base with two out 3 and 2 to Mookie Wilson. Little roller up along first.. BEHIND THE BAG! IT GETS THROUGH BUCKNER! HERE COMES KNIGHT, AND THE METS WIN IT!" or the legendary call from the radio voice of the Mets, Bob Murphy "3-2 the count ... And the pitch by Stanley ... And a ground ball trickling ... It's a fair ball. It gets by Buckner! Rounding third is Knight... The Mets will win the ballgame ... They win! They win!" if you close your eyes you can still see it all happen.

The story has been told many times over, the images permanently engrained in the minds of Mets (and Red Sox!) fans everywhere. Ever since that moment Buckner and Wilson have been intertwined in baseball lore as the Mets battled back from the verge of defeat.

To commemorate the 31st anniversary of the moment, you can now own this 8" x 10" photo of the famous play signed by both Mookie Wilson and Bill Buckner for only $49.99 (Regular price $119.99). Click below to shop.

And, watch the video below to hear Mookie Wilson talk about Bill Buckner and the famous play from the 1986 World Series.