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For over 30 years athletes we have had the privilege to partner up with some of the most elite athletes of all-time. We pride ourselves on the idea that being a Steiner Sports Exclusive Athlete is only for those in which match our brands reputation of excellence and professionalism.

  The Steiner Spotlight is a weekly “shout out” to the athletes that we are eternally grateful to have a part of our team. It is place where you will be able to find player highlights, collectibles, and even the occasional discount!


Lou Holtz for over forty years personified what it meant to be a champion. Demonstrating nothing but pure class and sophistication in College Football for the entirety of his career, he quickly became a national treasure. Known for bringing the “Play Like A Champion mantra to one of the most prestigious institutions in the world, Notre Dame, he was able to lead them to an undefeated season in 1988 to win the National Championship. Now Lou spends most of his time inspiring others around the country to “Play Like A Champion” in their everyday lives.