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What's It Worth

What It's Worth?

"What's it Worth" is a service designed to help you put a value on your prized memorabilia. Our in-house experts will evaluate your item or collection and provide you with a fair market value of what your item might fetch on auction. Upon completion of this process, you will receive a formal letter explaining your piece of memorabilia in detail and what the fair market value of your cherished collection is. Items must be authenticated by a reputable source.

Please call us at (914) 307-1058 or email us your full name, phone number, item details, and images to auction@steinersports.com. A Steiner Sports representative will follow- up with you. There is a $50 fee per item, if you have a large collection please inquire about special rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why should I get an appraisal?

    Our team of expert specialists have unparalleled expertise in sports memorabilia and collectibles. We're here to help you no matter what your needs are.

    • Do you want to sell your item at auction?
    • Are you looking for an idea of how to value your items for inheritance?
    • Have you seen something you would like to buy but want to make sure it is a fair price?
    • Do you want to learn more about the history and purpose of your item?
    • Do you have something unique or wonder if it is unique and just want to find out more about it?
  • Do I have to pay for the appraisal?

    Yes, we charge $50 per item, and provide you with a formal appraisal letter via USPS. If you have a large collection please inquire about special group rates.

  • What type of product can I get appraised?

    Our experts value all sorts of sports memorabilia and collectibles. However we do Not appraise items purchased from Steiner Sports. For Pricing on those items you may visit SteinerSports.com or contact us directly for a past copy of your invoice.

  • Will you buy my items?

    No. However, we do offer consignment options through our online auction department.

  • Do you do home visits?

    Yes. We do home visits and would be delighted to value your collection. Home visits are on a case by case basis and are for large collections only. Please contact whatsitworth@steinersports.com directly to discuss your needs.

  • What is the value or estimate you provide us with?

    The estimate you will receive within 7 Business Days is an auction estimate. This is the price range that our experts believe your item would fetch at auction if it were to be put up for sale today.

  • How much information do I need to give when submitting a request?

    Please submit high resolution images in addition to the type of item, how many autographs and who the autographs are by, and any other supporting documentation you may have that relates to your item. Please give us as much information as you can - the more detail we have the more accurate our valuations can be. Measurements, marks, signatures, condition and provenance (the item's ownership history) are all key pieces of evidence that we need. Any additional information is most welcome, and we always look forward to reading the unique stories that accompany your items!

  • Do I have to submit a photo?

    Yes. The better the quality of the photo, the more accurately we can value your item. If there is a signature, mark or inscription, please send a clear close-up image of this as well.

  • How do I receive my appraisal?

    We will send you a formal appraisal letter via regular mail USPS within 7 business days of receiving payment. If you need the letter quicker you can pay for expedited shipping via UPS or Fed-Ex.

  • Is your pricing competitive?

    Yes. Our pricing is highly competitive and we are sure you won't find a site providing the same professional service at these low prices.


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